Social Care Support for Post 16 with Sinclairs Law


For those of us whose children are going to be in the social care system from age 16 and beyond, it is worrying when all we hear is how the system has often failed other children and families. Get prepared now by getting information, advice and support to get the best for you and your child. This is an afternoon talk for parents and carers to inform themselves on their legal status and making the best decisions on health and social care for their child. The talk covers how to prepare for post 16 social care support, including: - Capacity - LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) / Deputyship - Decision making and social care responsibilities. - Health responsibilities - Questions & Answers Sinclairs Law Speakers: - Kevin McManamon - Sarah Newport - With an introduction by Michael Charles Price is £10 for Parents / Carers and £50 for Professionals with 100% ticket sales donated to The Autism Directory Charity

Fri May 25, 2018 01:30 pm To: Fri - May 25, 2018 - 04:30 pm
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