Using cognitive aids to help people increase their independence while reducing anxiety around time

 At Abilia we are passionate about providing solutions to improve the quality of life for those who use them and committed to being friendly and approachable. Dedicated to researching and developing products and services which are reliable and dependable, we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. We have launched some cognition products that are new to us at Abilia UK but have been used in Abilia in Sweden and Norway for some time.

The MEMOdayplanner is a magnetic whiteboard that shows time in a concrete way, giving a clear view of the day. It uses something called the ‘Quarter Hour Principle’ to break time down into easy to understand chunks. Each 15 minutes is represented with a single red dot on the time pillar of the MEMOdayplanner. Within each hour there are 4 dots and as time passes the red dots will turn off to show the time has passed. This is also supported with a digital display on the bottom of the board.  

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On the right-hand side of the board are the lights that show it is night time, these dots are blue instead of red to show the difference between day and night but the same quarter hour principle applies.

Alarms can be set at different points in the day to bring someone’s attention to the board, this can be used for many reasons, some examples could be reminder for:

* Medication

*To leave for the bus

*To phone a family or support worker

*To show the beginning or end of an activity


Research studies have concluded that Abilia’s time assistive tools facilitate managing time in daily living and adapting to time demands. The tools compensate for a lack of time-processing ability.

Users find that Abilia´s tools help them to keep track of weekdays, dates and time, to structure daily living, remember appointments and carry out daily routines and activities. Family members, carers and clinical staff don´t have to remind the users of dates, time and activities to the same extent any more. The user can manage more of their daily living on their own.


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Handi/Memo Planner (App)

Handi/Memo Planner are apps that run on Android and IOS that use a similar structure to the MEMOdayplanner.

Symbols and pictures can be used to represent items that the individual relates to and with it being an App it is more suitable to take outside home or school to support the individual on the go.

A fantastic feature of the App is that it can be supported remotely, if you have someone that needs a very structured environment and struggles with change then their timetable can be updated remotely via the ‘My Abilia’ cloud.

Users feel they are in better control of events and get less stressed. The tools prevent unexpected events, increase predictability, give the users better ability to cope with difficult situations, make them feel more secure and relieve their anxiety. The feeling of being in control builds up self-esteem, making the user more comfortable in social situations and giving the user increased confidence in being able to plan and manage their daily living on their own.

As you can see in the image below, checklist's can be made within the App, the one below shows a morning routine that has each item checkable so it can be ticked off once it has been done.

Mobile App

Time Log


Is a smaller hand held timer that can fit inside an individual’s pocket which gives a clear countdown to an event or activity start/finish.


On the Time Log device there are 4 buttons, if we take the 20minute time log for example the buttons represent the following times;


Blue = 5 minutes

Green = 10 minutes

 Yellow = 15 minutes

 Red  = 20 minutes



 E.g If the Yellow button is pressed then 15 dots will appear as each dot is representative of a minute on the 20 minute Time Log. The dots will then go out as each minute passes until there are no dots left. Once the timer is finished all of the dots will flash, this can be accompanied by a beeping noise that can be controlled by a volume button on the end of the Time Log. Once the timer is set pressing any other button individually will not reset the timer which gives it an advantage over a sand or egg timer which can be easily be changed. To increase independence activities can be colour co-ordinated to correspond with the buttons on the Time Log. This allows individuals to be able to have more control as they know that showering is a yellow activity so they can put the Time Log in its waterproof case and take it in the shower to help them know when it is time to get out.   You can get more information on our products and services below:


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