AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar

“AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar”
A new Book by Award Winning Disabled Autism Activist.

‘One Woman, One Wish, One Inspiring Story…
Be Enchanted by Personal and Professional Insights into AspergerWorld.’

Joely Colmer receiving award

My name is Joely Colmer. I am a passionate Multi National and World Award Winning Autism Activist, Motivational Speaker, Author, and I have a gift.

 My gift enables me to experience the rich, vibrant tapestry of life, in all its glorious detail. You see, my gift walks hand in hand with my greatest difficulties, challenging me every second of every day, and embraces together with the very things I love most about myself; empowering me with my biggest passions in life.

You see, my disability is my gift; my gift is Aspergers Syndrome.

Autism Activist
 I haven’t always been so positive, because the outside world, didn’t always treat me so kindly.

Dave Howard Book Endorsement

Once upon a time …. I was shadow of the woman you see today, as a teenager, I felt trapped, like a zombie; pained, numb, alien, misunderstood, and desperately trying to survive in a world of chaos; a world that seemed to be designed to make me fail. I was struggling in despair with the hardships of my disability, battling my way through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and clawing my way through the darkness of depression.

Back then, I felt like I would never amount to anything – because the world just wasn’t autism friendly and I couldn’t express my voice. I mourned the life, that I thought I could never achieve… and yet….
Now, my life has changed, my outlook has changed, I have changed.


By volunteering as an Activist at a local disability youth group, my negativity shell fell away. Suddenly I was empowered by a community of understanding people, and enabled to realise my quirky gifts of my disability. By helping me make friends, enabling me to see positively, allowing me to gain valuable work experience and life skills, as well as develop an understanding of myself and helping me to make society more autism friendly… suddenly everything changed. Just like that, an inspiring sensation rushed through my mind, something that once seemed so far-fetched, and almost unimaginable … I became happy again.

Autism Activism and volunteering has enabled me to express my voice. I can now communicate through youth action and community projects; delivering training, motivational speeches and running Autism understanding workshops. As a result, I have established my disabilities quirks, and used these positives to help me express my voice, and thanks to this positive understanding of myself I was supported to become an activist of kindness.

John Bercow Endorsement

My Aspergers Syndrome has gifted me with countless positives; one being my passion and commitment to my specific narrow interests- my disability Autism, my Autism Activism and Egytology. Best of all, my Aspergers has taught me to embrace the unique beauty of the human race, and always strive to help create a positive understanding of the curious depths of humanity that we don’t always understand.
Thanks to my disability cradling me with understanding and devotion to my Autism Activism, I am honoured to say that as a result of my Activism, I am now a World Autism Ambassador with the global Autistic Network Consulting Agency (ANCA) in Canada, and I have won multiple National and World awards, for my Autism Activism.

Now, with these awards, and the publication of my pride and joy- my book, I hope that I am achieving my wishes of creating a positive understanding of the hidden depths of the Autistic spectrum – because that is how we best support those whose lives are touched by Autism – with a better understanding comes the greatest help. That is all that has ever mattered to me.

“AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar” Book

Front & back book cover

Welcome to “AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar”; a book penned from my rare professional and personal perspective. Here, I am a Fairy, living within a diverse, and rather quaint, Jam Jar. I live here shaded from view, often overlooked; Witnessing the world from a different angle, deaf to certain language and happily powerless to escape. Within my Jam Jar, I am here embracing my disabled wings, to answer your wishes, and gift you with rare personal insights, to challenge negative perceptions.

My disability has many fascinating depths that are hidden and often shrouded in mystery, misconceptions and negativity. Yet, with my book “AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar”, I help un cover those mysteries, and enable a positive understanding, inspiring hope with a ‘can do’ attitude to the autistic community;. Discover all about the Autism Characteristics, and the others aspects of Autism that are usually shied away from in media, so that you too, can be enchanted with the gift of understanding:


Gifts and Quirks,
Communicating Appropriately,
Frozen Defence Mode,
Social Imagination,
Theory of Mind,
Life Skills,
Learning Environments,
Mate Crime,
Autistic Behaviours,
Mental Health and Autism
Independence and Autism


Cry for me and laugh with me, as you follow my life’s journey through the countless trials and tribulations of my difficult childhood. Through to the chaos of being a teenager with mental health issues, and adult life volunteering, life skills and independence. I am a role model throughout, providing personal and relatable stories, technical information with a humorous dialogue, and plenty of guidance and advice into supporting Autism Quirks into a reality. My book educates; igniting a positive rainbow of understanding into the heart of the Autistic Community.

In these ways, “AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar” is a unique and desirable non-fiction book, educating and creating hope within the Autistic and Special Needs community. My biggest wish has always been to make a positive impact into the Special Needs, and Autistic Community; and with this book, I achieve these dreams and much more. As a Role Model to many fans nationwide, I wish to create a swell of understanding, to empower those on the Spectrum to learn how to sparkle with their gifts and self-understanding. I can provide that hope, understanding and clarity of mind that there are quirks to the disability too; especially if those who read my book, do pass on their gift of understanding into the Autistic community, themselves. I aim to inspire and replenish the reader’s sense of self; that yes, they are more than a diagnosis, and yes; their disability does not make them naughty, bad or odd. It most likely, makes them clever, passionate, loyal, fair and honest. For parents, teachers or carers, the perspective I provide for my book does create a rare un told insight into how to best support those on the spectrum, with advice to follow and a fresh understanding.

My book is available to buy online, using my website (if you wish for it to be signed and to receive it quicker), Troubador / Matador Online Bookshop, Waterstones Book Store or Amazon Books.

Reviews of my Book AspergerWorld : My Fairy Jam Jar”

Best Selling Books

“I wish I had this wonderful book before. I have shed tears of joy.
Essential reading for any parent, teacher, professional, in fact anyone who's life has been touched by Autism. 

Every time I learn and understand more about the son I thought I knew so well! This beautifully written book has opened my eyes; It is, and will continue to help us. Thank you Joely Colmer I'm so glad I've found your amazing book!"

Mother of Autistic Child

"Fascinating, bewitching and wonderfully written. One of Aspergerworlds strengths is it's informative, interesting yet witty and entertaining insights - It helps inform readers, and creates that bond. 'Aspergerworld: my fairy jam jar' is Magical and Captivating."

Written by *Claire, a professional with personal experience and interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders

simon baron-cohen endorsement

"I was laughing and crying the whole way through. So very eye opening; an absolutely brilliant insight. 
I absolutely loved it."

 A family member of someone who has Aspergers Syndrome.

“…I wish I had this book at the start of my Special Educational Needs career… Every person who cares for or works with children and young people would benefit from reading this book… A truly inspirational book that gives a passionate and insightful view of life with Asperger’s Syndrome”

Lorraine Petersen, OBE
Trustee of ‘Ambitious about Autism’ Charity UK
Educational Consultant

"Miss Colmer invites you into her world… helping anyone understand what a child and/or adult on the spectrum might be going through…. I highly recommend… The best book on the subject I have read”

Denise Marie Mcintosh
Host and Presenter of ‘Fairy Tale Access’ USA TV show
Personal interest in Autism

“The book is more a person, than a manual; human and loveable…Central to her writing - and her attractive drawings - is Joely's humour and humanity… As we read the book, we pick up more and more, through Joely's stories and honest personal examples... One day [other experts might] compile a guide of Joely’s [book] material for teaching. Joely is quite an exceptional young woman.”

Jeffrey Newman
Educational management
Founder of the ‘Earth Charter’ Charity UK

simon baron-cohen endorsement

My biggest wish has always been to make a positive impact into my autistic community, to help change lives; read my book, and tell me, what will your wish to help support our Autistic Community be?
With a sprinkle of Fairy Dust, and a positive in depth understanding, become enchanted by my Fairy Jam Jar.

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