Autism Awareness

If you have watched any television recently then you are likely to have seen someone with autism. Older films like "Rain Man", modern drama series like "The Good Doctor" or lifestyle programmes like "The Autistic Gardener", all have central characters with autism. Some big name celebrities, like Chris Packham and Susan Boyle, have publicly shared they have a diagnosis of autism.

As a social care worker you might need to support someone on the autistic spectrum. So let's dive in to this course to find out exactly what autism is. See for yourself what it is really like to live on the autistic spectrum and learn the skills you may need to support someone on the autistic spectrum.

Who should take this course?

This course has been designed specifically for Care and Support Workers working in a social care setting. It may also be useful to a wider audience of people who would like to know more about autism.

Course Content

  • What is autism?
  • Different names for autism
  • Autism diagnosis
  • Signs of autism in adults
  • Signs of autism in children
  • Conditions related to autism
  • What causes autism?
  • Communicating with people with autism
  • Getting help and useful resources

Aims of the Course

At the end of this eLearning you will be able to:

  • Understand what the autistic spectrum is
  • Understand what causes autism
  • Understand how autism is diagnosed
  • Identify the signs of autism in adults and children
  • Identify the skills needed to support someone on the autistic spectrum, particularly communication
  • Know about different conditions linked to autism
  • Identify where to get help and further information
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