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Our Story

Ocean Arts Cardiff started out as an empty and run down warehouse.  I had been working as a freelance Music Therapist and events organiser for several years. I had a vision of creating somewhere that felt safe, creative and accessible, where Arts Therapies, community events, parties and workshops could all be hosted under one roof.  I wanted somewhere that brought people together, always welcomed additional needs and where people could make memories.  The building work to get the place ready was largely done by willing volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts and I couldn't have done it without them (you can seem more of the story of the build on the website).  We have been open just over a year now and have had so much going on we have have never looked back! 

What we offer

     Music Therapy sessions with myself (one to one or group - referrals can be private or from an organisation)

     Venue hire for events such as additional needs parties

     Drum lessons (from our newest resident Joshua Davies )

     Weekly Fitness Fun sessions aimed at working with additional needs

     Violin/viola lessons with myself

     Tiny Tiger Tunes (a fun musical session for 0-4s),

     Monthly All Accessible club nights  (for the older ones)

      And various other gigs and events to look out for.

So why choose OAC?

With friendly experienced staff and adaptable spaces we aim to make your time spent at Ocean Arts Cardiff relaxing and fun.  The space itself can be used for most things and and you can create any atmosphere you like to suit your needs.  We are always open minded and enjoy working with anyone.



 Our amazing daughter Isobel turned 21 last week- what a milestone!  It was so important to us that we marked the occasion with something special, something meaningful..... something that suited..... that’s where ocean arts came in....... and what a party we had! Isobel adores music, so we had a P.A and the stage set up there meant Issy and friends could sing their heart out!   The huge downstairs space enables family and friends to be together while still having room. Upstairs was the loveliest cosy space with a snuggly quiet room for those who need it ... ( I found myself up there once or twice myself!). Everyone was equally pleased with the bar, ( which catered for us drivers too :) ) there is brilliant visibility all around which allowed us to see the whole room and check that Issy ( and anyone else), was doing ok and not too overwhelmed. The disabled toilet was easily big enough for our needs, that much space for personal care can make such a difference!

I think though, for us, best of all was the fantastic personalised  service we received. We wanted for nothing and sally was so attentive and welcoming. We are already planning our next excuse for a party at ocean arts centre. Thank you Sally, you made an incredibly special girl,( and her mates), very very happy!

Catherine Kerry & Issy

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