Questions to ask your dentist

Questions to ask your dentist

You can prepare for your dental appointment by asking your dentist questions. Asking questions can help you feel more confident during your child’s appointment. Here are some questions to get you started when speaking with your dentist.

1. What experience do you and your staff have working with patients with Autism?

Ask your dentist if they’ve cared for patients with autism or special needs. Previous experience can assure that your dentist knows what to expect and give your child the care they need.

2. Do you and your staff have any specialized clinical training?

Dentists that specialize in special needs dentistry often have an extra 2-4 years of additional training. This extra training will help them be able to care and accommodate for your child as well as help them guide you for successful dental care at home.

3. Do you have anything available during the appointment such as television, music, or toys for my child to focus on during their appointment?

If your child is feeling anxious about their appointment, your dentist may have movies, music, toys, or other items to help them through their visit. You can also ask to bring your child’s favorite toy or blanket or whatever would make them feel most comfortable. If your child is feeling nervous, talk with your dentist about possible ways to help ease those feelings.

4. If needed, what is your office’s plan or procedure for sedation?

If your child is feeling extreme anxiety around their dental appointment or procedure, dental sedation may be available. Ask your dentist the types of sedation they offer and if it is the safest option for your child. If your child has any conditions or illnesses make sure that dental sedation will not complicate anything. Your child’s safety is the number one priority for dentists and they will not want to endanger them in any way. Visit our website for more information about dental sedation.

5. Are there any videos, brochures, or books that you have to help prepare for the appointment?

Your dentist may have informational tools for you to help prepare for your child’s dental appointment. Videos, brochures, books and other tools can help visualize for your child what their dental appointment will be like. Ask if your dentist has any advice or tips on preparing for the appointment.

6. Can I schedule a familiarization appointment for my child?

A familiarization appointment is an appointment for you and your child to visit the dentist office before any work or procedures are done. This is an opportunity for your child to meet the dentist and staff members as well as become familiar with sounds, tools, and other elements of a dental appointment. Most dentists are willing to schedule these kinds of appointments so be sure to as yours.

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