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At Safespaces we often get feedback from families about what a difference our products have made to their lives. Families who have a Safespace often have a child or adult with complex needs, who struggles to settle at night. This can have an impact both on the individual but also their parents,carers & siblings. Katie Vann, from Leicester approached us shortly after a Safespace was installed at home for her son, George with a letter that she had written to thank the Safespaces team. This is what she told us:


The Safespace has helped George’s bedtime routine. Prior to the Safespace I would have to settle George which took anything from one to three hours & sometimes failed altogether! Whilst I was settling George upstairs it left my older daughter Lucy (13) downstairs on her own for long periods of time. However, with the Safespace, bedtime is a very different experience! We can put on the sensory equipment & just sit quietly next to George & hold his hand & he will generally fall asleep within 30-45 minutes snuggled up in a relaxing, calm & safe environment. In the three short months we have had the Safespace we have seen huge improvements with George & our whole family. George settles much better & is increasing his independence at bedtime.


Katie’s experience is backed up by recent research about the needs of young people with autism & their families & how having a safe space can bring enormous benefits to the whole family.

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08 Aug 2017

By Safespaces
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