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Using cognitive aids to help people increase their independence while reducing anxiety around time

by Lauren Frost on

At Abilia we are using our Cognition Aids to assist people with understanding Time and structure. We know that by helping someone see their day clearly planned out it can reduce anxiety and enable someone to live a more independent life. ... Read full article

ASDinfoWales - Integrated Autism Service


The National ASD Development Team, hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association in partnership with Public Health Wales, are supporting and coordinating the development of a new Integrated Autism Service (IAS) in Wales.... Read full article

Accessible Activity Adventures

by Calvert Trust Exmoor on

Calvert Trust Exmoor is the South West’s premier outdoor activity destination for people with all types of disabilities, welcoming over 4,000 guests a year, with the philosophy of “At Calvert Trust Exmoor it’s what you CAN do that counts”.... Read full article

Insights Into AspergerWorld by a multi World Award Winning Autistic Autism Activist

by Joely Colmer on

My name is Joely Colmer, I was diagnosed at 2 ASC & I'm an awarded Autism Activist & Author of 'AspergerWorld'. I used to struggle with Autism; volunteering empowered me to change my life. This is my story-mental health, executive function & my gift.... Read full article

NICE Guidelines and Diagnosing Autism – What You Should Know

by Chris Wade on

At London Speech Therapy, we think it’s best to avoid confusing terminology. That’s why we use plain English and offer simple explanations of some of the more confusing jargon that gets thrown around when you start to interact...... Read full article

Complementary Therapies...... a treat or necessity?

by Jacqui Beddoes on

Complementary therapies are generally seen as a treat or luxury, but with increased stress levels in our lives today the need to allow the body to relax and return to a balanced state is more important than ever.... Read full article

Safespaces & Sleep

by Safespaces on

Prior to the Safespace I would have to settle George which took anything from one to three hours & sometimes failed altogether!... Read full article

Canllawiau NICE a Darganfod Awtistiaeth – Yr Hyn Dylsech Wybod


Yn Therapi Lleferydd Llundain, rydym yn meddwl taw’r gorau ydy osgoi terminoleg ddryslyd. Dyna pham rydym yn defnyddio Saesneg plaen a chynnig esboniadau... Read full article

Awtistiaeth: Hawliau oedolyn at asesiad diagnostig, addysg, darpariaeth iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol


Ennill asesiad diagnostig fel arfer yw’r cyntaf o nifer o broblemau cyntaf wedi ei wynebu gan unigolion sy’n berchen cyflwr sbectrwm awtistig.... Read full article

Awtistiaeth: Hawliau plentyn neu berson ifanc at asesiad ddiagnostig, addysg, iechyd a gofal


Os ydych yn rhiant i blentyn neu berson ifanc efo cyflwr sbectrwm awtistig, mae ennill asesiad diagnostig dimond yn un o sawl rwystr.... Read full article