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As a varied group of trainers, we offer diverse perspectives on autism offering a wealth of knowledge from the fields of clinical psychology, speech and language therapy as well as lived expertise in autism. We pride ourselves in taking the focus away from the traditional models of impairment to a broader view of autism that considers strengths and difficulties from a holistic point of view. The training we provide is bespoke as we tailor the training to meet your personal and/or your organisation's needs. Unlike standard autism training we see the absolute relevance of both clinical evidence based approaches as well as incorporating crucial autistic narrative and insight. In this way we believe this unique approach breaks the mould. ​​Here at ASPIElutely Fabulous we know that educating people about autism is the key to bring about change and encourage a more inclusive society for all - so as such we will happily give our unique brand of training to anyone who requests it.​​​


Manchester, England
United Kingdom

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