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Opened in 2004, Beechwood College is a specialist day and residential service for young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 with a formal diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition or Asperger’s Syndrome. Based upon the principles of TEACCH, PECS and Makaton, the College’s goal is to provide opportunities and experiences for each individual, regardless of ability, to prepare them for later life. The integrated approach to learning has qualified lecturers, residential and clinical teams partnering together so that each student’s personalised education programme is developed and reinforced consistently in a 24-hour learning environment which can lead to formal accreditation. The College's goal is to provide a very broad range of experiences and skills for each individual, preparing them for later life and developing their skills in their areas of interest. It is a tribute to the hard work of our students and the efforts of the Beechwood College team that students enjoy success in a wide area of skills. In the year 2018 83% of students achieved BTEC and ASDAN qualifications. Students also participate and complete Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Scheme Awards and Enterprise Projects aimed at building confidence, team working and community living skills. Beechwood College is situated in Sully South Wales, adjoining overlooking green fields and overlooking the Bristol Channel. Yet the shops and social facilities of Barry are only a few minutes drive away. Beechwood College is part of the South Wales-based Ludlow Street Healthcare Group. Employing more than 1100 staff including extensive clinical teams, Ludlow Street Healthcare is a provider of tailored care solutions for adults over the age of 16 who have a range of complex mental health, personality disorder and physical health needs.

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Beechwood College
Hayes Road, Sully
Barry, Wales CF64 5SE
United Kingdom

Adjacent to Ty Hafan.

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24 hours, 7 days per week.


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Paul McGovern
Excellent Provision

We are very pleased how Harry has settled. Beechwood College is a stable, caring, safe and well run, placement. The people there are really keen for Harry to develop and that is so reassuring for us as parents. He started Beechwood in March 2017 in a really bad way due to poor management of his needs at his previous placements. He has now been at Beechwood for just over 2 years and he has made some real progress but just as important he is now much happier. He came to Beechwood with really bad challenging behaviour. However during his time at Beechwood his behavior has shown a great improvement. Harry has a Team of Support Workers who are equally as good. When we collect Harry on a weekend to take him out they are always so friendly and again very approachable. They do a really good handover and tell us everything that has gone on before we pick Harry up, so we are really well prepared. We have never met Support Workers who are so kindhearted and thoughtful. The Education and Therapies Departments are also very supportive and are always looking at different ways to help Harry progress and gain more independence in his life. We feel Beechwood have really managed Harry’s tonic/clonic epileptic seizures really well and caused us no concern for alarm. We are very grateful for the information they have gathered from the seizures and passed on to the Neurologist and the way they have kept us informed. What is very important to us is that Beechwood are a very transparent organisation and we feel our son is in safe hands with them as safeguarding is the number 1 priority for us. At previous placements they have discouraged parent involvement. Beechwood is totally the opposite of this and they want us to be very much involved in Harry’s life. They keep us well informed about everything that is going on in Harry’s life and invite us to many different events at Beechwood College. We are very pleased with this because we see Beechwood as an extension to our House and we are all part of the same family. What has really struck us about Beechwood is their determination to see Harry progress and they take him out in to the community and go out on activities and to eating places etc. We are so reassured because if Harry doesn’t get out it will lead to boredom and then extremely challenging behaviour. The compassion, support and attention to Harry in both school and home has been first class. Other placements could learn a lot from Beechwood and the way they do things. Finally, we would just like to say how pleased we have been with Harry at Beechwood. It is so reassuring to find a placement that is so motivated and wants to really help Harry progress and be happy and safe. Beechwood truly care about Harry. As parents that is more important to us than anything.

April 2019

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1 Review



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